A New Update for a Ningbo Institution | 宁波地标新动向

Written by (作者): Kiko Shi 施静敏


Ningbo Chenghuang Temple is one of the largest temples dedicated to a city god in China, having been built in the early years of the Ming Dynasty. Today, the temple has been changed into one of Ningbo’s best shopping areas where visitors can find all sorts of goods and knick knacks from clothes to daily goods and knock offs.

Chenghuang Miao, or the Temple of the City God, was constructed in 1371 as requested by the Hongwu Emperor. Al though destroyed in later years, it was reconstructed during the Qing Dynasty in 1884. Today, it forms a popular shopping and eating spot in Haishu District.

To the north, visitors are welcomed by a large, traditional ceremonial gate that hovers over Kaiming Street facing Tianyi Square. Two streets, Kaiming and Xianxue, cut Chenghuang Miao into fourths. The market cur rently consists of two structures: the original temple and current market for cheap goods, and a shopping center with food stalls and brand stores. The shopping center is currently being reincarnated as 1371 Chenghuang Shopping Center, its new name being a nod to its Ming Dynasty roots.

Once reconstructed, the whole shopping center will have 3 floors with an underground floor for video games and knick knacks. The first floor will feature gold and jewelry; the second will have exhibition rooms for tourism and leisure products, particularly Ningbo-related; the third floor will have an expansive food market; and the roof will have a public garden.

The shopping center will have a business area of 20 thousand square meters. The third floor will not only offer Chinese street snacks and fare, but food from around the world. Plus, it will serve as a 24-hour cafeteria going into trial operations this May. The construction of the new Ming-inspired exterior fa?ade and the 3800 square meter garden will begin in June. The new structure with its rooftop garden with pavilions and fountains will hopefully bring people back to the Ming Dynasty in style.










Kiko Shi is 27 and lives and works in Ningbo as an English teacher and writer. She is outgoing, open minded and loves reading, swimming, cycling and exploring the city. Her public page, “That Girl Who Loves Writing” is updated weekly with her original writings. You can scan the QR code to check it out.

施静敏,27 岁,是一个在宁波生活的英语老师。她性格外向、思想开放,热爱阅读、写作和骑车探索这座城市。她的公众号“那个写字的姑娘”会每周更新原创文章,如果感兴趣的话可以关注。

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