Not because it is overly complex, but because the game’s entire goal is to act out good and bad people in horribly odd and ridiculous situations. That’s hard for a Child Geek to grasp, let alone act out. Fiasco also uses story elements that are highly sexual and violent.

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Whereas Assassin’s Creed Odyssey went super heavy on RPG elements, AC Valhalla takes an "RPG-lite" approach where these systems are not overwhelming to the gameplay. Indeed, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla oftentimes seems like the perfect marriage of the former action-adventure games and the newer RPG adventures. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Overall, the Discworld Roleplaying Game is a solid contribution to Sir Pratchett’s legacy. This chapter is 62 pages of mostly crunch, but it’s the kind of crunch that is helpful to new GURPS players. The writing also makes the crunch accessible; the template descriptions do a good job of capturing the diversity of the Discworld cast as well as the quirks that permeate the character types.

The discussion of how story functions in Discworld is particularly valuable. It can be challenging to figure out how to play within the sandbox of an author’s world; this section does a good job of welcoming players to participate in Pratchett’s playground. I can see the game being playable with teenagers, but for anyone in grade school, Fiasco is not a game you should introduce.

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The template list is comprehensive; players should be able to find a starting point for any character type that would fit into the Discworld universe. This chapter also contains suggestions for adapting templates to related character types (for instance, turning a Merchant into a small-time professional in a different field). The one drawback is that there is no single list of the template options, so readers will have to flip through the whole chapter to see what templates are available. The book presents three ranges for possible Discworld adventurers, from pawns that run points to large heroes and wizards at 250+ points. The power level of Discworld characters feels true to the books.

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Part 2 is currently in development, but this first entry tells the Midgar section of the original with new plot elements that leave the future of this continuation tantalizing. Final Fantasy 7 is a classic for a reason, and all of the RPG elements in the game go a long way in bringing every detail to life, including everything from Cloud’s PTSD to the game’s combat system. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla continues the RPG trend of Origins and Odyssey but with a slight twist.

All in fun, mind you, but not at all appropriate for children. As such, we are going to state that Fiasco is not applicable for the Child Geeks.