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About Ningbo Focus

28th April 2011 saw the launch of Ningbo’s first bilingual magazine, Ningbo Focus, a monthly publication dedicated to providing a platform to communicate the city’s business news, economic progress, success stories, local event news, industry, lifestyle and culture-focused features. Ningbo Focus’ target audience is the community of Ningbo – local and foreign, as well as potential investors, business, and leisure travellers.

Being the first bilingual magazine in Ningbo gives us the opportunity to bridge the gap between the local and foreign communities, and to play our part in promoting Ningbo to a wide audience within and beyond the city.

Today, Ningbo is establishing itself as not only a player in the world of international industry, trade and finance, but as a role model for the for the rest of the country in its preservation of arts, culture and ecology and as a leader in education and research. Ningbo Focus serves to illuminate the efforts that the public servants, private enterprises and individual citizens of Ningbo are putting forth to develop the city into a world-class international metropolis.

Ningbo Focus is available free-of-charge throughout the greater Ningbo area, including satellite cities Cixi, Yuyao, Fenghua, Beilun, Ninghai, Zhenhai.

Magazines can be found in luxury-brand hotels, luxury showrooms, entertainment and dining establishments, business service areas, international schools, business industrial parks as well as a number of government offices.

Ningbo Focus is printed under the publishing license of Ningbao Media, a subsidiary of the Ningbo Daily Group.