Account owners cannot replace the PIN on another account ownerв??s card.

Should your card ended up being stolen or lost and also you notice unauthorized transactions, please call Fidelity Debit Card Services straight away at 800.323.5353. Representatives can be obtained round the clock, seven days a week, including holiday breaks.

If there are not any transactions that are unauthorized you’ll access the Fidelity debit card Log In necessary page, utilizing either the Fidelity mobile phone application or online, to request an alternative card for the main one you destroyed. In the event that you donв??t need an alternative card, please close the card to stop it from being used.

From unauthorized use, you can place a temporary block on it by selecting the Lock card link next to your debit card on the Fidelity debit card Log In Required page, using either the Fidelity Mobile app or online if you misplaced your card and want to protect it. Securing the card will avoid any withdrawals that are new acquisitions to be manufactured in the card while locked. Additionally, you will be unable to include the card to an electronic wallet or payment app that is person-to-person. Recurring deals, returns, and credit modifications it’s still permitted. You may use the internet to unlock your card whenever you want.

If you’re not able to find your card, you’ll request an upgraded card from the Fidelity debit card sign in necessary web page, utilizing either the Fidelity mobile phone app or on the web.

For cards that have been lost or taken, prompt action is preferred to guard your account from unauthorized task. You might additionally use the lock card function if you want time for you to seek out the card.


Letting us understand your travel plans, whether youв??re traveling in the US or overseas, will help lessen the odds of authorized debit card deals being declined whenever traveling. It is possible to offer travel notifications from the Fidelity debit card sign in needed web page, utilizing either the Fidelity Cellphone app or online, by choosing the handle travel notice website link close to your debit card.

Travel notices may be supplied as much as 3 months prior to your travel date. You may additionally alter or delete formerly entered travel plans online whenever required.

Travel notices founded by calling Fidelity will likely not be available on the internet. To alter or delete these plans, please phone Fidelity Debit Card solutions making use of the quantity situated on the straight back of the debit card or 800-323-5353.

You are able to shut your ATM/debit card regarding the Fidelity debit card sign in necessary web page, utilizing either the Fidelity Cellphone application or online, by choosing the Close card website link close to your debit card.

If you will find recurring deals compensated using the card, be sure to provide updated repayment information to your merchant(s) before shutting the card.

Once closed, you ought to destroy the card by cutting the throughout the stripe that is magnetic chip.

Use Fidelity mobile phone to gain access to the Fidelity debit card page by choosing Manage Debit Cards in Accounts, or online at fidelitydebitcard.com Log In forced .

Purchases, payments and deals

Yes, you can make use of your Fidelity Debit Card for purchases the same as credit cards wherever Visa is accepted. Some merchants may need a signature or PIN to authorize a purchase while other deals usually do not (age.g., mail and internet purchase). The actual quantity of the acquisition will be deducted from your own offered to Withdraw stability, while the deal is going to be published to your Fidelity account within 5 company times.

Some merchants such as for example resort hotels and restaurants are permitted to request an authorization for a believed amount that may differ from the purchase amount that is actual. Also, gasoline stations are allowed to request an authorization to ensure your card is available and active. The authorized amount will certainly reduce your offered to Withdraw stability and you will be changed with all the purchase that is actual within 5 business times.

Whatever the sort of Fidelity account you own, when utilizing your debit card at an ATM device, you need to pick that you will be withdrawing funds from a bank checking account.

No, check and cash deposits may not be made making use of an ATM. Alternatively, review alternative methods to deposit cash to your Fidelity account.

Yes, you will see the day-to-day limitations and balance that is remaining along with your debit card from the Fidelity debit card sign in necessary web page, utilizing either the Fidelity mobile phone app or on line.

Day-to-day limits reset day that is each 12:00 midnight ET. Everyday limitations are susceptible to the offered to Withdraw balance in your bank account and particular day-to-day deal restrictions, that aren’t shown.