Return to Castle Wolfenstein- Zombies are featured as enemies in the game, typically in ancient tombs and other such places. They attack indiscriminately, and will go after Axis and Allies alike. They have the ability to summon evil spirits, in the form of flying, ethereal skulls, with which to attack the player. Also, one of the bosses is a hulking conglomeration of many zombies fused together, and the console versions feature missions set in Egyptian tombs with animated mummies as enemies. In addition to the normal zombies, there are also armored Zombie Knights, which resemble skeletal Viking warriors.

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They come equipped with either a sword or a hatchet, as well as a shield that can deflect gunfire. Unlike normal zombies, they do not rise up again when killed. The Carmageddon series, particularly Carmageddon 2 , features a zombie takeover of a large city through which the player must drive, killing zombies along the way. However, it should be noted that this is only in the censored version of the game; the uncensored version contained regular pedestrians as victims instead of zombies. City of Villains – The game features a playable archetype called the Necromancy Mastermind, which allows players to summon several undead zombie minions to fight on his behalf. Players can additionally customize their summoner to look like a zombie, complete with rotting flesh and wounds in visible areas. A humorous game including parodies of many classic B-movie monsters.Zombie Massacre2010WiiLight Gun arcade game.Zombie Panic!

Resident Evil 2 is one of the greatest survival horror games of all time, and one of the best Resident Evil games to boot. The original’s tank controls and camera perspectives created much of its frights. Somehow, though, Capcom recreated Leon and Claire’s adventure in Raccoon City to be even more terrifying with modern control systems. Unlike the first two games, Dead Rising 3 was set in a true open world. With this came bigger environments and more opportunities for multiplayer horror games massive standoffs with the undead. Areas are often flooded with zombies, with dozens upon dozens on screen at once. The Dead Rising series from Capcom is a more lighthearted take on zombies.

Filled with comedic dialogue and wacky weapons, Dead Rising 3 shined as one of the Xbox One games that came with it’s launch back in 2013. The Infected in The Last of Us aren’t technically zombies since they haven’t died and risen again, but let’s face it, they share the same basic traits. They have a hunger for flesh and move at Joel and Ellie with the same voracious intensity seen in other zombie games.

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Just as before, there is a zombie-like apocalypse where a virus is turning people into mindless hostile creatures. Before you head to the comments, we do know that the creatures are not necessarily zombies but a fungus type virus. But with that said, they still behave and act like mindless zombies, so we’re tossing this game into the list. You could go face-to-face with zombies in the style of an action game, or you could take them down one by one as you would in a stealth game. The duality of gameplay made this a big hit with its players.

  • The fact that the game is not that well known can also be a positive for the game’s value.
  • The main reason why older Monopolies aren’t as valuable as you would expect is the fact that so many copies of the game have been created and the game has been reprinted hundreds of times.
  • I am guessing that Thar She Blows was never reprinted so it is probably pretty rare.

The Last of Us was an instant hit when it first released on the PlayStation 3 and now in 2020, we’re getting a sequel. Releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 4, players will embark on a new journey with Ellie several years later.

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They’re frightening, especially in Clicker form, with their disgusting fungus limbs and mushroom heads. Even if the general premise remains the same, each zombie game offers its own experience, and it’s a good idea to know what you’re in for before you buy. We have tested several zombie games to figure out which ones are the goriest, scariest, and, above all, most fun to play. AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series, for example, still attracts millions of viewers with each new episode, and zombie-based games, whether we’re shooting them or running away from them, generally tend to do well. For some reason, the majority of us just never get tired of zombies.