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10 Reasons to 1st Second-hand Exchange and Christmas Bazaar
10 Reasons to 1st?Second-hand Exchange and Christmas Bazaar   Time:13th Dec. 1:00-5:00 pm Place:1844??Contemporary ArtMuseum Address: No.100,Heyi Rd., Haishu District   Have you been asking the following questions? :
  • ? ? ?\"I have some books that I want to exchange with others, but where do I do it and with whom?\"
  • ? ? ?\"I no longer need some of the furniture I bought, but I need some others. Is there anyone to trade with?\"
  • ? ? ?“I have adopted a cat, but I have to leave Ningbo. I want to find a new owner for my cat. Does anyone know someone who wants a cat?”
  If you do,here comes your solution. Reindeer Station, along with 1844 Plaza, is bringing you the first ever Second-hand Exchange and Christmas Bazaar next Sunday afternoon on?13th Dec., from 1pm to 4pm.   Here are 10 reasons why you should join our second-hand exchange market! No.1 You can give yourself an experience without money on yourmind!   No.2 Show your kindness to people who need help in this cold winter! There are some charity auctions which are hosted by charity community, and some of their income will be donated to a school in a village in Gansu province who need funds to provide teaching and learning materials.   No.3 You can make some thing useless turn into something meaningful!   No.4 You can get yourself special vintage items which you might not be able to find in Ebay or Taobao.   No.5 You can find yourself some Chinese friends. Perhaps you are interested in finding aChinese friend to show you the Chinese culture, but you are unsure on how to initiate a conversation? Or perhaps you have always wanted to learn Chinese from a native speaker, but you are not sure how? Then this is the perfect event foryou! This event is open to all - intercultural mingling and socializing come in the package naturally!   No.6 You can give yourself a chance to experience an intercultural market!You may have been to many kinds of market, but this is a setting that allows you to meetpeople of similar interests, or to learn about different cultures through the items that are put up for exchange! It is an interesting concept that you do not want to miss exploring!   No.7 If you just happen to be leaving Ningbo soon, and do not know what to do with your furniture and other things, join us and we can help you figure it out together!   No.8 You might just find yourself a boy/girl friend! Who knows!   No.9 This is a great opportunity to know traditional culture of China. Our Chinese participants will bring some vintage things or antiques that could represent traditional Chinese culture.   No. Do you really still need a 10th?reason?No more hesitation and just bring your items and come to join us! Because a great opportunity once missed, may never come by again!   One man\'s trash is another man\'s treasure - whether it is an old pen, an old brooch, oran old chair, an oil painting. Some of them may have been with you for a longtime, and they may have a story you wish to get it out of your chest. Please come and share your stories of your \"old trash\" and someone else\'s\"new treasure\". Or if you have always wanted to do something forcharity such as holding a charity auction or donate something you do not need anymore but don’t know where to go, here comes our exchange market.   Time: 13th Dec. 1:00-5:00pm Place: 1844? Contemporary Art Museum Address: No.100,Heyi Rd., Haishu District   How to join us:
  1. Kindly scan citycube QR
  2. Kindly call?18858064300for registration
  3. Kindly send your details to?
Aside from the second-hand exchange market, we will also be bringing you intercultural experience activities. There will be some booths selling traditional Chinese arts and crafts, and there will be master play Guzheng.   You can drink coffee, beer and have a dessert or even learn Chinese with our teachers. And you can also learn how to make the Chinese Knot. We also provide some fun games for children to play. We promise you with a ton of fun and an unforgettable experience! Come and join us, let’s celebrate Christmas together!  
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