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Part-time English teacher for playgroup
We are moms who set up and run non-profit ?home-based playgroup for our toddlers. We see our 2 years old kids pick up the words sooo quickly, so we thought why not introduce English to kids at this age. Now we are looking for someone fluent in English, have great love, creative and patience.? It will be one hour English class with lots of fun activities ( activities can be discussed with us before each class) per week. Our playgroup activity normally starts from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on Saturday in Dong Qian Hu, but this time can be adjusted if you can not make it.? For hourly wage and more information, please call: 18067592688 or add WeChat: eva_yaya123 If your toddler would like to join us, you are also welcomed.
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