EPFO: Revised Means Of Auto-Transfer of Accounts

To, All ACCs in charge of areas All RPFC-I/RPFC-II In- fee of Regional workplaces

Sub: Revised process of Auto-Transfer of Accounts в?“ Functionality in Unified Portal / Application Software в?“ regarding.

With regards to above circular, it really is to see that the necessary functionality required to transport down Auto Transfer of Accounts of an associate on modification of work happens to be launched in Unified Portal/ EPFO Application computer computer Software.

1. Users satisfying the next preconditions and whoever UAN and Aadhaar quantity is entered and matched because of the employer that is present the current details as available contrary to the UAN could be marked for car transfer:

a) The Aadhaar amount of the user should have been seeded and verified up against the UAN in the establishment level that is previous.

of Exit must certanly be obtainable in respect of previous work.

c) UAN is triggered and Cellphone number can be obtained.

2. An auto-transfer is initiated once first payment according regarding the employee that is new gotten through the current boss resistant to the UAN flagged for auto-transfer.

3. SMS and email (if registered) are going to be provided for the member when the transfer is car initiated.

3. The user can request to quit the car initiated transfer either online utilizing the в??Stop Auto Initiated Claim situationsв?? functionality supplied when you look at the в??Track Claim Statusв?? website link under в??Online Servicesв?? tab in the Member Portal or through current company or by approaching the EPFO office that is nearest within a external restriction of 10 times of receipt of SMS informing the person in automobile initiation of transfer request at Unified

4. The demand received through the user to end the car initiated transfer is prepared by the field that is concerned utilising the functionality made for sale in FO program under tab в??Online servicesв?? 4 в??Stop Auto-transfer Requestв?? by furnishing the UAN and pressing the в??Get Detailsв?? the important points of car initiated transfer, if any, are presented with a choice to quit the exact same. Research should really be exercised in processing stop that is such.

5. Just in case the demand to end the auto initiated transfer against a provided UAN just isn’t gotten in the stipulated 10 times from either of this user, Field workplace or company Interfaces under Unified Portal and also the user share is deposited by the employer that is present similar is reconciled, the specific transfer claim will likely to be produced and made obtainable in concerned industry workplace for further processing like most other transfer claim making use of EPFO application computer computer computer software.

Addl. Central P.F Commissioner (HQ-IS)

1) PS to CPFC for information

2) RPFC (NDC): Having a demand to upload on the site.

3) RPFC (Helpdesk) to brief the help desk workers in the above.

UAN linking and AUTO Transfer Claim Rules

Employer declares that user doesn’t have UAN and needs for allocation of the UAN that is new for an user:

After situations can occur:

1. AADHAAR given by boss currently exists in confirmed from UIDAI state in a choice of the UAN repository or in Member KYC dining table.

Techniques response: show the UAN that is being from the AADHAAR.

2. AADHAAR given by company currently exists as unverified/pending within the UAN member or repository KYC table.

Techniques response: Verify AADHAAR from UIDAI from the UAN that is existing in if the status is unverified if all three values Name. DOB and Gender can be obtained. If some of the three values Name, DOB and Gender aren’t available, allocate A uan that is fresh if verification up against the fresh data given by the company is prosperous.

If all three values Name, DOB and Gender can be found in AADHAAR and system verification leads to success, show the UAN. Allocate new UAN, if AADHAAR verification against the fresh data being provided by the employer is successful if verification results in failure with the data present in system.

3. AADHAAR given by company will not occur hop over to the web site within the UAN member or repository KYC table.