Written by (作者): Essential Wellness Center Ningbo?


What is the “Go Vegan Ningbo” 21-day Challenge?

“Go Vegan Ningbo” is a fun way to change some of your lifestyle habits and get great discounts on dining out in Ningbo! You will not only lose weight and get healthy but you will save money and have fun!

To dispel the idea that Veganism is boringand about denial, we have arranged for several popular restaurants and venues to provide you with delicious VEGAN food at a reduced price!

Not only that, we are working with the restaurants to arrange FUN and informative events around Ningbo that focus on understanding and making eating healthier easier and enjoyable!

The “Go Vegan Ningbo” event is a way to promote a healthier more sustainable way of eating for the planet and change attitudes so that Vegan food is more accessible. It is also a way to bring the community together and enjoy great food!

Who is involved

So far, we have five popular?restaurants in Ningbo that have agreed to provide an exclusively Vegan menu at a reduced price for those who are registered participants. We are also looking for suppliers of vegan foods/products who will donate prizes and incentives to YOU the participant.

The organisers and hosts of the “Go Vegan Ningbo” are volunteers and gain no financial benefit from their participation.

If you like the idea of ‘Going Vegan Ningbo” let us know! We are looking for volunteers to help us make it as fun, interesting and delicious as possible!

What days does it cover?

The event starts at 1:00 AM on the first day of May and finishes at five pm on the 21st of May when participants will be awarded participation certificates and prizes will be distributed at Ningbo’s very first annual Health and Wellness Festival!

This festival will see several local vendors/restaurants as well as several from Shanghai display their products and services to help us be as healthy as possible. The event is being hosted by Essential Wellness in Yinzhou and will be a wonderful way to end the challenge and start a new and healthier way of life!

If I participate, what am I expected to do?

It’s easy!

You will need to let us know you are interested and then we will send you a registration form.

We will be charging a small service fee of 50 RMB to cover the costs of providing you and other participants with a wristband that will have “Go Vegan Ningbo” on it. You just need to show this to the restaurant/vendor owners to claim a discount on the food or product you wish to buy.

What about dining out with my friends?

We have created this event to help you to be able to socialize with your friends and meet your dietary needs. We have chosen mainstream restaurants to increase awareness of the number of vegans in the community and of those who would LIKE to “Go Vegan”!

It is about making it easy and FUN!

We have arranged with several the restaurants to provide you with interesting and tasty foods. Once we have the participants signed up, we will start advertising the menus to show you what they are going to provide the participants!

To encourage people in the community and the vendors/restaurants we will be presenting some awards. You will be asked to vote towards the end of the challenge. The awards will be presented at the end of the challenge at the Health and Wellness Festival at Essential Wellness on the 21st of May at 5:00 PM.


Awards for Participants

·????????I completed the “Go VeganNingbo” 21-day challenge!

·????????Greatest weight loss!

·????????Most active Participant (How many venues they attended!)

·????????Best “Go Vegan Ningbo” Party organisers!


Sounds great! What do we do next?

Just scan the QR code in the poster below to follow Essential Wellness for updates! Send us a message or email us on info@8wellness.com?and we will send you a participant’s registration form by email. One of the organizers will then contact you and tell you what the next step is!

Remember! Spread the word and encourage as many of your friends to join the “Go VEGAN Ningbo” challenge because the more people who join the better the discounts and the more encouragement the restaurants and vendors must make great food, good deals and fun events for you all!

“Go Vegan Ningbo!”