Written & Photos by (作者,图片来源): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》


Ferrara Lounge Italian Restaurant is the newest edition to the ever growing food scene in Yinzhou, which has welcomed a great many restaurants in the past few years. This is by far the best entry to the lot. We were able to sit down with owner and manager Filippo Pisciotta one afternoon following the restaurant’s July 30th opening to discuss Ferrara and have a taste of their wonderful food.


With Ferrara, Filippo hopes not only to bring reasonably priced fine Italian cuisine to the city, encompassing the experience in an open contemporary space quite unlike the other fine Italian restaurants in the city, but to not make any compromise when it comes to balancing the need to attract Chinese and foreign customers to his new establishment.

To do this, Filippo has hired an Italian chef with over 50 years experience to man things in the kitchen and has crafted a menu that both Chinese and foreigners can enjoy. To further accomplish his goal, some dishes have been tweaked for varying tastes without sacrificing flavor, such as the Florentine-style T-Bone. “We cook the meat to the traditional specifications,” explains Filippo, “but we bring it out on a grill with three kinds of sauces to give guests the opportunity to cook it to their desired tastes.”


While at the restaurant we were able to try their Homemade Tagliatelle with Black Truffle Sauce (95 RMB) and their Panna Cotta (28 RMB). The pasta was being made when we entered the restaurant, so it was quite the treat to see what we would be soon eating being made to order, and it wasn’t disappointing. The smooth flavor of the truffle imparted itself nicely into the creamy sauce and freshness of the tagliatelle, giving it a refreshing taste that wasn’t too over the top.

The panna cotta was equally impressive, served elegantly with fresh fruits in an immaculate glass. The first bite opened our eyes, as the taste of fresh vanilla could be felt right away, working perfectly with the sliced apple, kiwi, and melon.


Ferrara is all about quality without the sacrifice of flavor, reasonable prices, and quality ingredients, the majority of which are all imported from Italy. This newest edition to Ningbo’s strong Italian game is one of the best we’ve encountered, and its definitely worth the visit.


Ferrara为鄞州日益多样的美食盛况注入了新的活力,在过去的几年里,数不胜数的餐厅在鄞州扎根,而这家餐厅绝对是迄今为止最好的一家。在开业盛典后的一个下午,我们与Filippo Pisciotta同席而坐,一边聊聊Ferrara,一边品尝他们的美食。









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