Now that we’re out of this unpredictable weather and seemingly endless winter that lasted all through March, the Festival of Colors (aka Holi) is finally coming to Ningbo on April 15th at Shine ST Music Square! The party that’s taken place in the city for years is back, and after seeing other cities across China taking part in the fun, the traditional Indian festival that celebrates camaraderie, fun, and the triumph of light over dark is here.
终于,宁波要结束永无止境的冬日啦, 我们期盼已久的色彩节 即!将!来!临! 色彩节又叫胡里节,是源于印度的传统节(是色彩跑的起源哦)。人们在这一天载歌载舞、互相涂抹五彩缤纷的颜料,迎接春天的到来。这天播放印度传统音乐,忘情地唱歌跳舞,不管大人小孩,全都走上街头,将彩色粉末,点抹在对方身上。所到之处皆是不可思议的缤纷世界,连空气里都悬浮着彩色粉末。

Join us for a rainbow of color, live DJ and bands, booths selling Indian foods, international craft beers, Mate Mate and even cinnabar mole!
今年的色彩节我们将在4月15日在北岸星街坊盛大举行! 现场除了4大DJ现场打碟,撒不完用不尽的色彩粉,现场还有印度情美食摊位,无限量供应的特价酒水等你来,还会为你点上一颗美人朱砂痣,异域风情简直呼之欲出啊!这将是全宁波最五彩的狂欢

This year there’s great deals too. Kids get in FREE, and tickets are only 30 RMB pre-sale, 50 RMB at door, and includes 3 free drinks and a gift package. So come on out for a big blast of color at Holi!
今年的门票也是低到无法拒绝,早鸟票30元,现场票50元,包含了免费的色彩粉, 1瓶免费德国马黛马黛,2瓶精酿啤酒以及精美大礼包一份。所以,大家还在犹豫什么,抓紧时间买票啦!

April 15th Saturday12:00-4:00 PM |4月15日 周六 12:00-16:00

Music Square, Shine ST Lane Northbank, Lane 288, 73 Xinma Road, Jiangbei |江北区新马路73号288弄,北岸星街坊

Pre-Sale|预售 30RMB
At Door|现场 50RMB
Kids | 儿童 Free

How to Buy Tickets|如何购买门票?

Scan the QR Code to register and pick up your tickets on the day of the event.|扫二维码购买色彩节门票,活动当天凭注册二维码换取门票。


Ticket pre-sale ends April 14th at 5:00 PM


Event Sponsors|活动赞助商列表


Kebab & Beer Factory|国际烤肉工坊

KebaBeer Factory (KBF) is the nirvana for food and beverage lovers presenting ultimate signature kababs and cuisine from India. Inspired by the magnificent cuisine of the Silk Road, KBF is dedicated to offer the finest variety of Indian cuisine and makes for a great dining experience. You can enjoy all of their amazing dishes during the festival on the 15th.

Address | 地点
68-10 Zhongma Road, Laowaitan, Jiangbei District | 江北区老外滩中马路68弄10号

Ajay 15858420294


NBeer Pub|苦狗精酿啤酒屋

Located in a funky little shop in Mr. Box, NBeer Pub provides Ningbo with some of the best craft beers from around the world and China. It’s also a great place to meet friends, watch sports and spend time with friends. Show your ticket at their booth during the party to get 2 FREE beers.

Building No.5 , Mr. Box, Xurong Road|徐戎路集盒广场5号楼

Erik 13685837973



Eco Global Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.|上海易昂国际贸易有限公司

Established in 2011, Eco Global Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. imports a perfect selection of soft drinks, premium spirits and beverages from all around the world. At the event, Eco Global will offer everyone a free Mate Mate, a carbonated beverage made with natural ingredients from Germany. You can pick up a free bottle Mate Mate at the Eco Global booth.

+86 021 53089337