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Being a student in Ningbo is fun, and thanks to a great many changes in the city since last year, its going to keep getting more fun. The city is relatively easy to get around in and navigate, with everything centered around Tianyi Square in Haishu District (near Dongmenkou Station on Rail Transit Line 1).

While places to hang out were once limited to places like Laowaitan in Jiangbei District, Portman in Jiangdong, and a few clubs like Nova and A8, this is changing as more places are opening up and spreading out around the city. Places like 1844 and Mr. Box AIO provide a multitude of options for dining, live music, and the arts, while places like ADLIB Café and the more recent Brickhouse offer up excellent dance parties.

If parties aren’t really your thing then be sure to check out the article in our upcoming September issue on quieter places to check out. This article covers the ins and outs of student life at Ningbo’s three main universities: Ningbo University (NBU), Zhejiang Wanli University, and the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), so if you’re going here or plan to go here, read?on.


曾几何时,可供消遣的场所非常有限,只有诸如江北区的老外滩、江东区的波特曼这样的地方,以及像诺亚方舟和A8酒吧之类的娱乐会所。如今,随着越来越多的地方被开发出来,遍布城市的各个角落,这一切都在发生变化。像1844广场和集盒产业园这样的去处提供了种类繁多的餐饮店、现场音乐会所和艺术场馆,而诸如AD LIB Café和Brickhouse之类的地方还会献上超赞的舞会。



Ningbo University | 宁波大学

Written by (作者): Vincent R. Vinci 魏文深, Danny Satish, Dorsa Sinaki
Photos by (图片来源): Tangyao Liang Photography?汤耀亮摄


Founded in 1986, Ningbo University is the city’s flagship institution of higher learning, and many foreign students go here to study Chinese language or more diverse degrees like international business and even architecture and engineering.

With a diverse array of students from all over the world, NBU has tailored many of its dining options on campus to individual tastes. Along with the main canteen for students, there is a Muslim Canteen featuring halal options and Xinjiang Cuisine. There is also an Indian Canteen and Jack’s Restaurant, which serves international options and is located in the Overseas Students Apartment building.


为了迎合来自世界各地的学生的不同口味,宁大提供了很多就餐选择,除了普通的学生大食堂,也有以清真和新疆美食为特色的清真食堂。此外,宁大还有印度餐厅和位于留学生公寓楼、供应异国风味美食的Jack’s Restaurant。

Student Services | 学生服务

The go-to place for all services for international students is the International Students’ Center just across from Student Canteen 1. The center offers visa and residence permit renewal services, tuition and course payment, course arrangement services, counseling services and more. Near the university’s East Gate there is a bank with ATM and a few locations where students can get passport photos taken for visa or other purposes.


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Zhejiang Wanli University | 浙江万里学院

Written by (作者): Nisrine Youssef
Photos by (图片来源): Wei Huang?黄薇


Wanli is one of Zhejiang’s most prestigious universities that offers a wide variety of programs from bachelors and masters degrees to Chinese and summer courses. The university itself was founded in 1999 and is governed by the province instead of the city of Ningbo. That being said, its an excellent place to study and has top-notch programs that are far advanced for a Chinese university.


Student Services & Campus Life 学生服务和校园生活

All assistance for foreign exchange students in Wanli is provided by the university’s international office, which helps international students settle down, arrange classes, fill out necessary documents, and more. Wanli has two campuses, but the one I’m most familiar with is the main campus in Yinzhou. It has everything you need: three student canteens, coffee shops, restaurants, a gym, stores, ATMs, and even its own lake. Also, you can make most transactions on campus using your student ID, which can be topped up in the Students Daily Services Office in?front of Canteen 1.



University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China | 宁波诺丁汉大学

Written by (作者): Frazer Worboys
Photos by (图片来源): Ningbo Education Bureau 宁波市教育局


The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China (UNNC), is the Chinese campus of the University of Nottingham, which also has campuses in the UK and Malaysia. The China campus was founded in 2004, when the sister cities of Ningbo and Nottingham reached an agreement for establishing a foreign institution of higher learning in the city. When you first arrive on campus you will most likely be underwhelmed, what is made out to be a super cool, super modern and happening place looks more like a building site. Don’t be fooled though, Ningbo may be slightly on the spread out side, but campus itself is very very fun and almost American with it’s house parties and events.

Campus food is actually pretty great as well. Catch onto the delivery system early, that saves you a whole bunch of trouble when you are hungover from a big Candles session (onto that later). Always be out and about around campus, it’s fun, everyone always is and it’s normally decent weather. Use the sports facilities too. Unlike any other campus, you don’t have to book it as no one is really that keen to do that. Football is big if you like it, so make sure you join one of the many competitions , and it’s a great way to get to know everyone.




Student Services 学生服务

Keeping with its international reputation, student services at UNNC are relatively accessible and helpful. Along with the International Students Office, a new support center called “the Hub”, located in the Student Services Building (SSB) Room 120 is set to open this semester and will offer various services, including disability registration (further disability services are in SSB402), student ID and bank card services, collection of documentation for graduation and other services, and tuition payment documentation collection to name a few. There are also counseling?services in the Administration Building (AB) rooms 324-6, and an on-campus clinic near Building 11.

与其国际声誉相符,宁诺的学生服务还是相当方便有用的。除了国际学生办公室,一个新的名为the Hub的支持中心将于新学期投入使用。该中心位于学生服务大楼120室,将提供多种服务,包括残障学生登记(更多的残障学生服务可以去学生服务大楼402室)、学生证、银行卡办理、毕业生文件存档、学费支付文件存档等等。行政楼324-6室还提供咨询服务,校内医务室则位于11号楼附近。


Apps You Should Have |?常用应用软件

There are a variety of apps available for phone and tablet that you should have listed as follows



?WeChatWeChat | 微信
China’s primary social media app that’s a lot like Facebook. It also includes services like WeChat Wallet, which allows you to order food, pay for services, and more.




Alipay | 支付宝
Much like WeChat Wallet but more thorough, many businesses and taxi drivers accept payment via Alipay.




Taobao | 淘宝
Like eBay and Amazon.com combined. Also great for getting delivery.





Pleco Chinese Dictionary | 普利科汉语词典
The best dictionary to get. You can look up words in English or Chinese, translate sentences from other apps, and write characters you don’t know.




Dianping | 大众点评
China’s main food review site, keep in mind its all in Chinese





Ctrip | 携程旅行
The best app for booking flights, trains, and hotels in China




China Air

China Air Pollution Index | 中国空气污染指数

If the weather isn’t nice and you want to know if it’s safe enough to go outside withoutdonning a mask, this app is your best bet.



Baidu Maps

Baidu Maps | 百度地图
Self-explanatory maps program (in Chinese, but better than Google Maps when in China)





Didi Dache | 滴滴打车
China’s version of Uber that only recently merged with Uber.




Bon App

Bon App!
Like Dianping but in English. Currently the app only covers Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore, and we hope that changes soon. It also includes a map feature and taxi printout to easily find locations.


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