A Look at Yinzhou’s New Essential Wellness Center | 鄞州新开张的健康生活@家一览


Written by (作者): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》
Photos by (图片来源): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》 & Essential Wellness Center 健康生活@家


Healthy food and lifestyle options are hard to come by here in Ningbo, with only a few real options for organic, vegan, and healthy eating options in the city to choose from, and not much in terms of lifestyle management. This is changing quickly thanks to Essential Wellness, a center catering to health-conscious Chinese and foreigners that offers coaching, various courses, a community garden, and store with organic products.

Essential Wellness Health Center is the brainchild of long-time Ningbo resident Denise Bradford, who has been living and working in the city for 18 years. Denise had the idea for some time after seeing there wasn’t much in the form of a place where people could come and learn how to live healthier in Ningbo, and she sought to change that. She felt 2016 was the right time to open Essential Wellness after seeing changes in attitudes towards healthy living amongst locals and foreigners.


We found Denise one warm Sunday morning on the rooftop of the building where the center was located, giving a class for kids and parents on making all-natural play dough and seed holders in the rooftop classroom adjacent to the center’s soon-to-be-developed community garden. Following the class we had a chat with her as she cleaned up and took us on a tour of Essential Wellness on the 3rd floor below.

The center itself consists of a number of classrooms and offices. Upon entering, there’s a bulletin board where class schedules and upcoming seminars are advertised, and there’s a space yet to be filled where dried organics and all-natural products – fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices – will be will be available to the public from local farmers that Essential Wellness has formed special partnerships with and from the garden on the roof.

Further down the main hall is a large open classroom where yoga and other exercise classes will be taught. Across from the yoga classroom is a cooking classroom, where Denise intends to teach class members how to make all-natural and whole food plant based dishes in the future. The two final rooms are Denise’s and other instructors’ offices, where both offer one-on-one and group consultations for healthier living for clients.

Denise tells me that there are a number of similar centers and businesses in Shanghai, but that they differ greatly in terms of the methods used and services offered. Essential Wellness provides the best of both worlds by offering coaching, courses, DIY learning sessions, the rooftop garden, and shop. Besides offering special courses for the whole family, the center also provides thorough services for clients. Denise explains that there are memberships and one-time clinic checkups and even checkups for the whole family. Following an initial meeting, the individual or group is given “Wellness Goals” to strive towards, which are followed up on and changed over a series of months.

Memberships are reasonably priced, starting at 888 RMB for families and 588 RMB for individuals and include options for varying amounts of sessions, special course discounts, and the ability to purchase books and supplemental materials. Essential Wellness Health Center is set to open on August 31st. For upcoming courses and seminar schedules, check our website, WeChat, and magazine when information becomes available.



健康生活@家是宁波常住居民Denise Bradford的智慧结晶。她在宁波生活并工作了18年。发现在宁波能够让人们进来学习如何才能生活得更健康的会所寥寥无几之后,她想改变这一现状。2016年,在发现本地居民和外籍人士对健康生活的态度有所改变后,她觉得是时候在开设健康生活。








Be sure to drop by Essential Wellness on August 31st to take part in their opening ceremony. There will also be FREE open courses, prizes, and specials on courses followed by an opening mocktail party in the evening!

Also, please refer to the schedule above for courses for the rest of August.?