The 8th Jiangbei Sun Lake Hiking Competition


Written & Photos by (作者, 图片来源): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》


On May 31, //Ningbo Focus// took part in a hiking competition in the Sport Park on Sun Lake Dam, in Jiangbei District. We invited foreigners to participate in the wonderful early summer event.

800 people from Ningbo joined the competition. According to a representative from the Ningbo Outdoor Sports Association, the competition had many side activities to coincide with the hiking, including plank and rope jumping, badminton, and bands for the whole family to enjoy.

People from over 30 countries, including Sweden, Monaco, Norway, Malaysia, and Somalia, came with //Ningbo Focus// to participate in the event. After gathering at 8:00 AM at Youngor Stadium, the group got going. It wasn’t long before everyone was singing songs, talking, and laughing all the way to the competition.

Malaysian Farid Afiq told me that he was really psyched to be part of the event. Not only was it a great chance to exercise, but he was also able to enjoy the great scenery of the park. “During the hike, many friendly Ningbo citizens said hello to us, it felt really good.”

After the event, the participants gathered together and took pictures and share stories of the affair. They all had a blast in the warm summer sun. This was a blithe carnival, starting and ending with singing and laughter, much to the enjoyment of everyone.





来自马来西亚的Farid Afiq告诉笔者,他很高兴能够参与到这样的活动中来,不仅锻炼了身体,还欣赏了北山游步道的美丽景致。“登山过程中,很多热情的宁波市民向我们打招呼,这种感觉很好。”