Thank you for your support! If you would like to purchase a ticket, we have 2 options this year. To purchase using cash,please contact any of the One World One Dream team member to buy the tickets.To purchase tickets through WeChat, follow the steps below:

1) Please add WeChat ID: bowiexjd as your friend. Her contact QR code is | 请添加微信号码bowiexjd为您的联系人。她的微信二维码如下:


2) Please tell her your name, telephone #,email address, and quantity of tickets needed. Then pay through WeChat wallet.Each ticket is RMB 300.00 |?添加以后请告诉她您的姓名、电话号码、邮件信息、需要的入场券数量。然后通过微信钱包转账。每张门票的价格是叁佰元人民币。

3) Once the payment is received, Bowie will send you an image of your ticket stub as your receipt. On the night of the event please pick up your tickets at the registration table | 一旦转账成功,我们的组员Bowie会通过微信给您发送您的入场券图片和入场券号码。晚宴的当天晚上请在签到台取票入场。