South African Citrus Thrips (SACT)The South African Citrus Thrips (Scirtothrips aurantii Faure) or SACT was detected at Sherwood in Brisbane in March 2002. The thrips detection was found in the vicinity of the Office of Organic Methods and Mines (NRandM), Alan Fletcher Analysis Station. RIFA Activity on the Residence Front and Interstate. There is an increase in exercise with regards to the fascination of interstate authorities in the movement protocols of host content from Pink Imported Hearth Ant (RIFA) limited regions. This fascination is broadening to encompass both retail and manufacturing nurseries and addresses movement inside Queensland and interstate. Red Imported Hearth Ant pesticides. The NGIQ initiated in 2001/2002 registration and trial function on a number of pesticides for https://plantidentification.co use in opposition to RIFA.

The off-label registration of bifenthrin was comparatively rapid and has been available for in excess of 12 months however the registration of a granular chlorpyrifos (SuSCon Green) for inclusion into escalating media required unique details be furnished. NGIQ commissioned DPI/FACC to undertake demo perform on our behalf and following eighteen months the results are in. Red Imported Fireplace Ants ongoing eradication. The ongoing eradication of this pest is progressing strongly in accordance to the Hearth Ant Manage Centre (FACC) with 90% of monitored web pages recording comprehensive cessation of RIFA action.

The software is now in its second yr of the three year baiting phase with close to all remedy regions obtaining at minimum three baits so far this round. This is encouraging for sector struggling beneath the load of inspections, ARMP and certification. As the drought performed havoc with generation and retail activity it did aid in the eradication of RIFA in that there have probably been minimal launches of alates (fertile male and feminine ants) because of to a absence of damp humid evenings. Red Imported Fire Ant trigger for problem. Red Imported Hearth Ant (RIFA) is again proving to result in marketplace really serious problems. As outlined in the March version of Leaflet the Interstate Plant Health and fitness Regulatory Operating Group (IPHRWG) experienced drafted a established of movement protocols requiring obligatory chemical therapy from within just the infested place.

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This was to be powerful on the two interstate plant motion and movement of plant material within Queensland. Lantana Bug. There have been a quantity of stories of outbreaks of Lantana bug in generation nurseries in the Brisbane location in excess of new weeks. The bug Aconophora compressa was an accepted biocontrol agent for lantana and released in 1995 with the acceptance of 22 point out and federal businesses together with AQIS and Environment Australia. The launch by the Section of Pure Means and Mines (DNRandM) happened following host screening primarily based on nationally acknowledged protocols and integrated a agent variety of sixty two attainable financial and native host crops. Kalanchoe and Organic Management. The Section of Organic Resources and Mines (DNRandM) have, for some time, been investigating the biological administration of the weed ‘Mother-of-millions’.

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