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Some agree along with other published figures, some try not to, which brings us to In , 5 years I wrote to his successor Bob Pierce about this matter, giving specific proof of inaccuracies, but he did not act on the information before I became so heavily involved with pianos, N. Michel published the first “Piano Atlas” of serial numbers: In the seventies. We used to tune one of these brilliant for the old woman until, not able to offer it, she stored it within the loft, where it most likely dropped to bits in short order!

We’re still puzzling over the connections between Bristol, KK, K. Kawai, LHH, Princess Piano plus some comparable but un-named examples from all over twenties and thirties. KK could suggest K. sources that are several thought that it was a made-up name, maybe tilting regarding the prestige of Bentley vehicles, however it appears most most likely they purchased the legal rights from another person. Perkins’ numbers appear to be approximated, and they are perhaps not sustained by our information. These along with other errors have now been perpetuated by other publications and internet sites reprinting them without proof to guide the https://datingrating.net/firstmet-review info, however its a trap that is difficult avoid, and everybody quotes posted information often, using it on trust.

Julian Dyer claims “The figures generally speaking quoted for Steck pianos are extremely deceptive, at least when it comes to European manufacturing. They demonstrably make no sense, and don’t enable the reality that these pianos had been produced in three various nations making use of three various sets of figures”. Some, such as an instance we saw recently, do appear about right, nevertheless the posted figures might recommend in exactly what looks similar to a piano, and a Steck dated features quantity suggesting many people re solve this issue by just seeking the quantity which matches their purpose, or helps make the piano oldest.

In speaking about the real method in which figures are marked in a piano, it is advisable to avoid the phrase “stamped”, because there are two main different varieties of stamp. Ink marks may be produced by a rubber-stamp, and these are usually on the relative edges of secrets. Steel stamps have usually been familiar with IMPRINT names and particularly figures into woodwork, while they may be coloured also. Contrary to belief that is popular they are maybe not usually burnt, embossed,. Frequently, the serial quantity may be imprinted to the lumber regarding the casework, often conveniently on the top side, but this will be in no way reliable, and grand case figures tend to be harder to locate, being hidden on removable components, or underneath: Remember, too, the potential risks for you, your kids and pets, of crawling underneath a grand: be sure the feet are safe very first, without any motion whatsoever into the bones.

It really is well worth mentioning that the administrative centre page ” We ” may often be employed to increase as a true number 1.

Sometimes, two are superimposed at right-angles, serving being an asterisk, to verify that here is the number that is serial. Metal stamps might also be pre-formed into the title of the senior worker, such as a supervisor that is in charge of quality control in a specific division of a factory. James Stewart’s name, as an example, ended up being imprinted in certain Clementi or Collard pianos while he worked for the company, from to , therefore such imprints can sometimes be helpful guides up to now.

Wood bridges that are top often imprinted too. By the belated s, detachable situation components such as for example feet, music desks, etc. Steinways used tiny stamps so they could mark perhaps the tiniest items of moulding in this manner. Having said all of that, situation figures are maybe not always the published serial figures, which can be imprinted regarding the soundboard, or painted on the iron framework.

Some manufacturers, such as for instance Bechstein, Broadwood, Tomkison and Wornum, had split figures for the latest models of, in addition to a primary show, and odd things sometimes happens. Numbers for many manufacturers is certainly going through an interval when they’re in four numbers, and might resemble per year, for instance, in , Broadwood square pianos had serial numbers in the s and s. Windus numbers had been within the range through the s. It’s important to realise that pianos made after about are rarely marked by having a simple 12 months of make, if a 12 months is written for a piano, it’s going to usually express the date the company ended up being founded, or perhaps the date of a exhibition medal.

A exception that is notable Erard, whom marked the years in the actions of this London pianos, or the soundboards associated with the Paris pianos.

Pape marked the 12 months underneath the strings however some, like certainly one of ours, have regrettably faded. Circa Thomas Tomkison, London, square piano into the Smithsonian. Circa Two G. It also features a quantity on a bracing 15, it could appear logical that serial figures should, by their very meaning, run in a single, unbroken show beginning with the very first piano an organization makes, and so express the amount of pianos which were made as much as any provided part of the list. Nonetheless, the exact same is certainly not constantly real of the London pianos, or of Pleyel, and even though a few authors have actually approximated manufacturing figures for assorted businesses on such basis as serial figures, it really is frequently perhaps not that simple: Some manufacturers would really like Steinweg begin with a great, truthful 1, and quantity every piano while they went, however some chosen to start out at an infinitely more generous figure.

Nelson’s business was created in Chicago, , and started their numbers that are serial , however the published listings are confused, and times are duplicated, some are away from series, plus some have actually digits lacking. Available , Murdochs’ advertising boasted “fifty thousand pianos being used” and perhaps Spencer, whom they took over, had made that numerous, however it is most probably that the declaration ended up being simply predicated on their serial numbers.

Another point well worth recalling is the fact that because some conventions in numbering developed slowly over a length of a long time, they truly are less relevant to early instruments. Certainly, some firms chosen allotting a lot of figures per even if their production figures were nowhere near that many year. Certainly, it might were in line with the presumption which they would not need any longer than that. This meeting is seen in a lot of lists of serial figures, but in view of the fact that a few of these had been initially posted in Michel’s Piano Atlas, I was thinking for some time they could be Michel’s very own quotes, until other examples started to come in our files from quite sources that are independent for instance the pianos on their own.