Meet Mary Sue & Gary Stu! The Hookup by Kristen Ashley [Audiobook Review]

Once the brand brand new woman in city, Eliza в??Izzyв?? Forrester chooses to strike the neighborhood consuming hole, sheв??s maybe maybe maybe not prepared to meet up with the cityв??s good, solid man. Sheв??s definitely maybe not ready to participate in her extremely hookup that is first him.

Then Izzy wakes up the next early morning in Johnny Gambleв??s sleep and good woman Izzy discovers she likes being harmful to Johnny.

Nevertheless, Izzy seems Johnny holding her at armв??s length. But Johnny causes it to be clear he wishes many Izzy currently understands she desires just as much of hot-in-bed, sweet-out-of-it Johnny Gamble.

Drifting on air reasoning this really is going someplace, Izzy quickly learns why Johnny holds remote.

Heв??s in love with another person. A person who left him and achieved it making him broken. Whoever was up next will be runner-up, 2nd most useful. Understanding the stakes, Izzy will need what she can get through the gentleman thatв??s Johnny Gamble. And also once you understand their heart might never ever mend, Johnny canв??t away seem to stay from Izzy

Until away from nowhere, their lost love comes home to city. Heв??s perhaps perhaps perhaps not heading back, but Johnny nevertheless understands the right thing to do is allow Izzy get.

And Izzy knew the stakes, it easy and slips through his fingers so she makes.

But thatв??s before Johnny realizes Eliza relocated to city to escape risk that is been swirling around her.

And that is why Johnny chooses to wade in.

That together with reality Eliza Forrester makes morning meal with a canary performing on her neck and fills away tight dresses you might say Johnny Gamble cannot get free from their mind.

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I purchased this audiobook as it ended up being for sale for $1 or something like that once I got the free e-book on Amazon and I also canв??t think I really completed the entire guide! No, Iв??m maybe maybe not stating that The Hookup just isn’t good, it is exactly that the main figures had been a Mary Sue and Gary Stu! And we have actuallynв??t said this about any character ever! I am talking about, Iв??m all for a great girl and good child figures but SO IDEAL? Really?

Izzy, the catholic singles grand rapids mi SUPER Amazing WOMAN

Hereв??s the deal, our heroine, Eliza в??Izzyв?? Forrester is separate and effective. Owns her own home and has now a stable of horses, rescued a few does, several kitties as well as features a canary. Oh, along with her closest friend, whom she works closely with WAS SUPER AMAZING him that same night that she actually went to Izzyв??s house to feed her menagerie when Izzy slept with the hero after meeting! Oh, and she actually is a cook that is amazing makes vodka infusions on her behalf free time, searches for material from garden product sales and decorates for impromptu events like a pro! Yea, sheв??s such as the perfect Martha Stewart. She also essentially raised herself along with her sisters because her mother left her dad (for valid reason) but she had to work great deal to aid their loved ones. Oh, and did I point out that her dad is filthy rich? Yeah.

Johnny Gamble makes every man feel just like an overall total LOSER

The hero, Johnny Gamble may be the IDEAL MAN! He could be an heir to some filling stations with convenience stores and garages that he inherited from their father, yet he nevertheless works at their own storage (not too it had been apparent which he ended up being really working). He owns lots of real-estate and fundamentally is just a millionaire whom does need to work nв??t, but he really does because he could be a Gary Stu. He could be additionally the perfect boyfriend kind for Izzy, really loves pets as well as assists away a buddy view over their horse as he continues on holiday. Oh, in which he is an outdoorsy kind and likes to camp and get fishing. And didnв??t we mention so she can leave her jerk of a husband that he was also going to lend money to Izzyв??s sister to get a lawyer? Oh, and then he additionally possessed a great ex-girlfriend that he couldnв??t let it go? Oh, in which he creepily cradles Izzy inside the lap as he discovers he dozing down in a blanket together with her child nephew at a reasonable? No, itв??s perhaps not really a moment that is swoony. Please!

Sickeningly Sweet

Yeah, both were simply too perfect in my situation and actually provided me with The Stepford Wives feel, which actually creeped me away! I simply canв??t just take characters that are too perfect.

The Conflict does not involve Izzy even!

There is certainly a major conflict in the guide where Johnny saves View Spoiler В? Izzyв??s nephew from their ex-girlfriendв??s cousin. I am talking about, i am aware it is her younger sisterв??s son but We donв??t obtain it. Also, here really is not a legit good reason why the ex-girlfriendв??s bro kidnapped the nephew! В? Hide Spoiler Iв??m confused.

Dual POV

The sole redeeming thing about The Hookup could be the double POV therefore the two narrators. The 2 narrators, Stella Bloom and Lance Greenfield, are incredibly ideal for the goody-two-shoes role associated with the two characters.

Overall Thoughts

And even though there clearly was lots of steamy sexy times in this guide, it just couldnв??t make-up for the perfectness that is overall of main figures.

we additionally didnв??t such as the conflict as it didnв??t feel just like it absolutely was strongly related Izzy. Plus, the blurb felt want it ended up being her ex-boyfriend who was the key reason why she relocated to city. Therefore, I donв??t understand why this isnв??t what Kristen Ashley went for.


I seriously canв??t suggest this guide or audiobook, unless the perfectness associated with characters that are main your jam, then have actually at it.

I shall never be reading the book that is next the show becauseв?? well, We have a feeling so it will feature another Mary Sue and Gary Stu.