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Hobbies, believe it or not, can be an integral park of business. This month, I’d like to dive in and discuss what hobbies benefit me as an entrepreneur.

I’m actually serious – if you work for yourself, your hobbies will have an impact on your business endeavors. For example, when I was younger, you could say going to nightclubs was a hobby of mine. That doesn’t work too well when you work for yourself, especially if your business involves you being awake and coherent during the day.

One rule I have for a hobby is it should not //be// your work. I know one classic “work for yourself” thought is make a hobby your business. I disagree with this notion – there is no faster way to make yourself not enjoy your hobby than to make it your main source of income. For every Bill Gates of Microsoft (who made his computer hobby one of the world’s most successful companies), there are 10,000 others who didn’t make it, and now don’t enjoy their hobby nearly as much.

Also, the lines between business and hobby get blurred. I know a guy who loves to rebuild classic cars. He tried to make it his business, and ended up doing more trading for his own stuff than actual selling. The business never made any money, because it was too hard to separate the two. Keep work work, and play play if you can.

That said, here are a few hobbies of mine that actually help my business:

Golf – I really enjoy golf. Once you buy the equipment, it’s not too expensive, and it allows you some time to be outside in the sunshine. Golf courses, whether they are in the US or China, are usually picturesque, and a nice place to spend an afternoon. And I know I said not to make your hobby into your work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about work while playing golf. The fact is, no matter where you are in the world, a golf course is where a lot of business gets done. From what I can see, Ningbo has several courses, including Zhejiang Ningbo Orient Golf Club and Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club.
Golfer Hitting Golf Shot with Club on the CourseMusic – If you play an instrument, that can be a great stress reliever. But even listening to music has a lot of merit. I routinely make music a part of my workday. Whatever style of music works for you is good. I know people who can only have light instrumentals playing as they work. Others are fine with Rock and Roll – whatever works for you, go for it.

Reading – if you work for yourself, it’s very easy to get isolated. Make sure you take time out to read the news, magazines, and what’s going on, both locally and in the world. It’s a big planet, with a lot of diversity. Familiarize yourself with it. Hey, right now, you’re reading the words of a guy from NY – literally on the other side of the world. How cool is that?

And finally, whatever you choose to do as a hobby, enjoy yourself. It’s your life – make sure you have fun. Hobbies are a big part of that.




我对于爱好的唯一要求是它必须和你的工作没有关系。有一个很主流的思想是 “为自己工作”就是把工作当成自己的爱好。我对这个观点很不同意,把爱好当成收入来源是对它失去兴趣的最快方式。千千万万个人里面,可能只会出一个比尔盖茨(他的确是把自己对电脑的兴趣做大变成了世界上最成功的公司),所以千万别太把工作和兴趣混为一谈。




高尔夫 – 我真的很喜欢打高尔夫,一旦你买了器材,其实并没有很贵,你就可以到户外到阳光下进行高尔夫运动。高尔夫通常比较古雅,不管是在美国还是中国,但都是度过午后的好选择。我说过不要把爱好带进工作,但这不意味着你在打高尔夫的时候不能谈论工作啊。事实上,不管你在世界的哪里,打高尔夫的地方都有生意谈成。我发现,宁波有几个不错的高尔夫球场,包括东方高尔夫俱乐部和启新高尔夫俱乐部。

音乐 – 如果你会乐器的话,那就有了一个很棒的疏压方法。但听音乐本身就有许多益处。音乐是我工作日里不可分割的一部分,任何类型的我都爱听。我认识有些人工作时只听轻音乐,有些人则听摇滚,只要自己喜欢,听什么都可以。

阅读 – 如果你自主工作,独处的机会是很大的。一定要确保自己抽出时间来读新闻,杂志和时事,包括本地发生的和世界性的。这是一个很大的星球,各处都不一样,要对周边事物熟悉起来。现在你就在读一个纽约人写的东西啊,他在地球的另一边哦,很酷吧!


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