Written by (作者): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》

Photos by (图片来源): Garima Gupta

Garima Gupta is from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. She moved to Ningbo with her husband and two children 11 years ago after living in Yuyao. Garima currently works as a part-time English and art teacher.

Garima Gupta来自印度北方邦的坎普尔,她在11年前随自己的丈夫,带着两个孩子来到了宁波,并住在余姚。Garima现在兼职做英语和艺术老师。

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What’s it like cooking in Ningbo?

Cooking here is not that bad. I say this because its more fun when someone is there who loves to eat and I am fortunate enough that my husband loves to do just that as well as help cook. Since its hard to make the things we enjoy, we often try making something new with different vegetables and the ingredients we have available.

Have you had to make any changes to your cooking after arriving here?

I often make steamed, boiled and oven cooked dishes. We adopted Chinese, European and Middle Eastern cuisine to our tastes as well. Also, we try to cook with fresh ingredients with less oil for a healthy diet but still maintain an Indian flavor.

What is your cooking technique, where did you learn it?

I first learned to cook from my mother, but didn’t cook much until after I was married. I learned more from my mother-in-law and I’m always learning new things from my husband, who loves to try different foods. Due to this interest we’ve learned to cook Lebanese, Thai, Chinese and Italian food.

How do you go about finding ingredients?

Finding Indian ingredients isn’t hard if you use Taobao. There are also stores in Shenzhen and Shanghai that can mail ingredients to your doorstep without hassle.

Have you added any Chinese or other ingredients to your cooking in Ningbo?

I love using Chinese ingredients and herbs that are readily available in stores like Metro, Auchan and Carrefour. My kids love eating soup noodles (niángāo) which can be found in our refrigerator all the time.

What is your family’s favorite dish?

My daughter loves eating chicken curry on Sundays, so Sunday has become our chicken day. My son likes niángāo and cooked veggies and my husband loves grilled and shredded chicken sandwiches, shorma, with white Kraft cheese.

What advise would you have for moms who just recently arrived to Ningbo?

Cook with ease and make dishes that your family likes to eat. Make friends with locals and other expats and try dishes you’ve never cooked before. There are many websites available that provide recipes. You can test these out and invite your friends over for a taste.















sheek kebabs

A Recipe from Garima’s Kitchen | Garima的菜谱

Chicken Sheekh Kebabs with Green Chutney Sauce | 烤鸡肉串配绿酸辣酱

Makes 10 Kebabs | 10串

Green Chutney Sauce | 绿酸辣酱原料

1 cup finely chopped Coriander leaves 1杯切好的香菜叶

1 medium slice minced ginger ?一块姜末

3 cloves garlic (optional)?? 3个劈开的大蒜(不喜勿加)

4 green chilies (more if you want it spicy) ?4勺青咖喱(视口味而定)

Salt and mango powder ?盐和芒果粉

Chicken Sheekh Kebabs | 鸡肉串原料

100 g boneless chicken breast ?100克无骨鸡胸肉

4 medium Garlic cloves ?4个适中大蒜

Green chilies (as many as you need to make it spicy) ?青咖喱(视口味而定)

1 small piece ginger ?1个小的姜

? small bowl Coriander leaves?? 半碗香菜叶

2 tbsp Cooking oil?? 2汤匙食用油

1 tbsp Cumin seeds ?1汤匙小茴香

Salt to taste ?调味盐

Method | 方法

Sauce | 酱

Put all the ingredients into a food processor or blender and mix them.

Add a little water if it is too dry.

Sheekh Kebabs | 鸡肉串

Take the chicken breast and mince it, you can use a chopping knife for mincing.


Finely chop the garlic, ginger, coriander leaves and green chilies together.


Mix the chopped ingredients with the minced chicken, oil, cumin seeds and salt.


Now the raw mixture is read. To make the kebabs, apply some oil on your hands and roll the mixture into a cylindrical shape. If you are going to grill the kebabs you can use skewers.


Deep fry the kebabs over a medium flame until cooked through or cook in the oven for about 15 minutes. You can also roast the kebabs with a bit of oil in a frying pan.


Serve with the green chutney sauce for dipping


You can also refrigerate the raw kebabs and make whenever you want. Just take out, cook and enjoy!