Ningbo’s Burgeoning New Nightlife Spot | 宁波夜游新选择

Written & Photos by (作者, 图片来源): Vincent R. Vinci 魏文深


Ningbo has some great nightlife no matter where you go. If you’re in the city center there’s spots like Laowaitan, Tianyi Square, Chenghuang Miao, and Portman. All of them are great places to stroll around, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the evening, but one place that’s often overlooked by people on their nightlife itinerary is Moon Lake Garden.

Over the past year the area has slowly been welcoming new additions that have spiced up life there. Starting with Drunk Corner Bespoke, a men’s fashion store, other places soon followed. The area that had once only been home to a few clubs like NOVA is coming into its own. The likes of Easy Bar Cozy Lounge, the Moon Lake branch of a?popular cocktail bar in Laowaitan, and the long-standing Lounge Bar have been joined by Evolution Cocktail Bar, a more edgier answer to Laowaitan’s Bar Constellation. While the bar exemplifies the same class and sophistication evident in Constellation, their cocktails on offer are wild and inventive, a nice twist on the beverages.


There are nice eateries there as well, including Stay, an interesting fusion cuisine restaurant that also has its fare share of unique cocktails; another is a nice hot pot restaurant covered with murals of bulls and filled with steam?from the piping cauldrons they offer up.

While Laowaitan and other areas, especially the growing nightlife scene down in Yinzhou, cater to those more interested in partying and the wild side of things, Moon Lake offers a more upscale vibe where the gray brick architecture and smooth lanes converge quietly. It’s the kind of place where you’d go for a date or to go to talk business over fine drinks and equally fine food. While the hot pot restaurant was certainly the more boisterous of the bunch, this isn’t the norm.

Plus, thanks to the area being within walking distance of Tianyi, Chenghuang Miao, and more noisy party centrals like NOVA, if you do feel a hankering for something a little more on the wild side, you can always just walk down the street.

Moon Lake is a part of the ever-changing face of Ningbo towards new areas and new things. Just this past month, Evolution hosted its first of many Spring Block Parties to much acclaim, welcoming guests in the warm early summer sun for the May Day holiday to enjoy cocktails and music. The area is a great place to spend time, something to try out if you want to try something outside of commonly cited nightlife areas.



近一年来,月湖盛园逐渐引进了一些新店,为附近居民的生活增添乐趣。从Drunk Corner Bespoke 时尚男装开始,各种店铺不断跃入眼帘。曾经只是一些诸如NOVA 之类的俱乐部的汇聚地,现在月湖盛园已经兴盛起来。像是对老外滩酒吧荟萃的尖锐回应,在那里深受欢迎的Easy 酒吧,它的月湖分店却被Evolution 酒吧兼并了。Evolution 酒吧和星座酒吧的档次和成熟度相当,出售的鸡尾酒种类却更加新颖繁多,在酒水方面算是一次成功的转型。




此外,由于月湖盛园离天一广场、城隍庙以及像Bartender 酒吧和NOVA 这种更喧闹的聚会场所不过几步之遥,如果你想找点刺激,只要抬抬脚就可以转换阵地。

月湖盛园是宁波千变万化的面孔的一部分。就在上个月,Evolution 举办了首次春日街区派对,以醇馥幽郁的鸡尾酒和悦耳动听的音乐款待来宾,共同欢度五一假期。活动深受好评。如果你想体验不一样的夜生活,月湖盛园绝对是个消磨时光的好地方。