Written & Photos by (作者, 图片来源): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》


The area around the Portman and Sheraton Hotels in Jiangdong – generally referred to as Portman – is one of the more quieter places for nightlife in the city. Once the go-to spot, its been long neglected for seemingly greener pastures. This has allowed for some new places to pop up, joining the tiny dive bars sandwiched between the Kylie Best Western and Portman and O’Reilly’s.


One of these new places is Tapas & Bar, a new Spanish-themed establishment opened by O’Reilly’s owner Vivian Hong. The unassuming little place has a wonderful feel and good atmosphere, and makes for an excellent spot to get away from the hustle bustle of the other bars in the area.

Entering Tapas & Bar we were greeted by windows covered with specials and a comfortably lit space with wood and leather seating, spacious yet homely. Its worth noting that the bar serves not only sangria, sherry, and bottles of wine but also specializes in Belgian beers and other diverse spirits, a definite plus.

What we came for, though, was the tapas, and they are surprisingly decent. We started off with the garlic shrimp and Iberian ham on bread, both of which were delicious, the garlic in the shrimp livening up the mixture, and the Iberian ham working unexpectedly well with the tomato sauce coating the bread beneath.

Others we tried were potatoes with tomato sauce (also good), and the classic potato omelette. It didn’t disappoint, as usual, even though a bit more olive oil was needed as it was slightly dry. Our final dish, crab with artichoke on bread, was unfortunately disappointing: the crab mixture tasted like veggies with sauce and little crab, while the artichokes atop it were cold.

Despite the lack of excitement in the last dish, Tapas & Bar is new and we expect they’ll perfect their art in the coming months. That being said, it’s a great place to go and relax (especially with free sangria when you order more than one tapas dish), Spanish tunes, and laid back atmosphere, all a plus for Portman.



其中一家新店就是Tapas & Bar,这是一家由爱尔兰酒吧餐厅的老板Vivian Hong创办的西班牙主题餐厅。这家店看似毫不起眼,实则氛围良好,着实不错,使之成为逃离附近熙熙攘攘的酒吧的绝佳场所。

走进Tapas & Bar,入眼的是一扇扇标着菜单的窗户,舒适而明亮的酒吧里摆放着木质和皮质座椅,宽敞而温馨。值得一提的是酒吧的一大亮点是不仅供应桑格利亚酒、雪利酒、红酒,还专营比利时啤酒以及各类烈酒。




尽管最后一道菜并没有让人眼前一亮,但是Tapas & Bar才刚刚起步,我们希望他们能够在未来几个月内将它们的菜品做得更出色。话虽如此,这确实是个能让你放松心情的地点,值得一去(尤其是当你点了不止一道餐前小点时,还能获赠一杯桑格利亚酒)。西班牙小调、轻松的氛围都为这条波特曼大街增添了情调。


Tapas & Bar

Business Hours|营业时间:Monday-Sunday, 6:30 PM-2:00 AM|周一至周日 晚上18:30-02:00
Address|地点: 46-08 Caihong North Road, Jiangdong District (Next to O’Reilly’s) | 江东区彩虹北路46-08号(爱尔兰酒吧餐厅旁边)