Written by (作者): Randy Williams 


Now at 17 years living and working in Ningbo, I look back and must admit the city has been very good to me.  I’ve built many lifelong lasting relationships with people from all corners of the world.  I found a beautiful loving wife in Jonie, and enjoy a successful trading company and have dabbled in various other businesses. But like the vast majority of expats, those days do come to an end.

I’ve always liked the way China’s government has a new 5-year plan in the works. So as I look out 5 years I see myself away from China more and more. I have different priorities, different goals and plans that are just different.

That brings us to the magazine business. I’m not around much anymore and have very limited time I can invest to it. NF needs a leader that is living and breathing Ningbo, and has their finger on the pulse of the city. I’m finding that’s just not me anymore. Jonie and I are building a new life together in Thailand, we will be spending more and more time down there and plan to start up a new import company to complement my trading company here. Something has to give so that Ningbo Focus can continue its strong position as the city’s premier bilingual magazine.

We have a great team in the one and only expat magazine here in Ningbo.  Our website is ever growing, WeChat readership has grown significantly in the last two years, distribution has expanded, our events are legendary and now all it needs is fresh new leadership that and ownership that can take over where I leave off.

I’m hoping to find a passionate hands-on partner/leader, or in the right situation a new owner that can take the Ningbo Focus brand and expand it to the next level.  If this sounds like an opportunity for you, reach out and let’s discuss how we can make that happen.








If you are interested in taking up the torch here at Ningbo Focus, please contact General Manager Lola Chen for more information.


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