Along with the coming of golden autumn, there is the much anticipated Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest and most renowned folk festival, attracting innumerable tourists from all around the world to travel Munich and enjoy quality German beer and food.

Revellers salute with beer after the opening of the 179th Oktoberfest in Munich September 22, 2012. Millions of beer drinkers from around the world will come to the Bavarian capital over the next two weeks for the 179th Oktoberfest, which starts today and runs until October 7, 2012. REUTERS/Michael Dalder(GERMANY - Tags: SOCIETY ENTERTAINMENT) ORG XMIT: MDA28

You can experience Oktoberfest from October 18th to 23rd at Munich Brewery at Heyi Avenue. They’re confident they can provide the best Oktoberfest experience, with reasons as follows:


Reason 1: German-style Beer Brewed In-House


There is a big difference between microbrewed beer and industrial beer in terms of taste. The beer at Munich Beer Garden is authentic, made with quality ingredients and love.

Munich Brewery takes advantage of advanced German brewing techniques and imported materials, using natural fermentation without any chemical additives. The beer they brew is smooth and intense, the unique malt fragrance refreshing and pure.


Reason 2: Quality German Food


The most well-known dish served at Oktoberfest isn’t German sausage, but pork knuckle

German Roasted Pork Knuckle is a must-have dish for all who visit Munich. Over 70,000 pork knuckles are consumed during Oktoberfest each year.

Munich provides elaborately presented and authentic pork elbows and other German food like cheese sausages, sandwiches, seafood, steak and lamb chops. All food is imported from German to keep things top notch.


Reason 3: Live German Music


Can’t be a festival without live music right?

Munich Brewery has invited a famous German band to perform throughout their event, which will be sure to make it a helluva time.


Reason 4: Bavarian-Style Dining Environment


The German-style atmosphere at Munich Brewery allows guests to experience an authentic Oktoberfest without having to hop on a plane to Germany.


Munich Oktoberfest|慕尼黑十月啤酒节

Theme|主题:German Beer Festival|德国啤酒节
Time|时间:October 18th-23rd |10月18日-10月23日


Package 1|套餐一

Price|售价:398 RMB/3 People|398元/张(3人份)
German Pork Elbows, sausages, steaks, sour broccoli, potato wedges, 2L beer included ( suitable for 3 persons).
Usable Time|使用条件:October 18th-23rd (dinner only)|10月18日-10月23日 ?晚餐时间


Package 2|套餐二

Price|售价:298 RMB/2 People|298元/张(2人份)
2 bottles of refined beer from the Beer Store (select 2 bottles from 5), 1 German salty pork elbow and 1L beer included.


Package 3|套餐三

Price|售价:100 RMB/Person|100元/人
Free flow beer, chips and nuts included
Enjoy a 20% discount on all other food
额外点餐 8折
Usable Time|使用时间:October 18th-23rd 8:30 PM-00;00|10月18日-10月23日 ?20:30-00:00

How to Purchase

Method 1|方式一:Online Purchase|线上购买
(add the WeChat ID (13732187147) to purchase the ticket|购买请添加微信号:13732187147)

Method 2|方式二:Go to Munich Brewery directly to? purchase tickets |到店直接购买

Munich Brewery|慕尼黑啤酒花园餐厅

Address|地址:No. C1041, Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, Ningbo|宁波市海曙区和义大道购物中心C1041,慕尼黑啤酒花园餐厅