So, you need to choose the right messaging app on your device through which you can get most of the things done. And, there’s a bunch of feature-rich and security packed free messaging apps for Android on the store.

The first step is to go to Github and look for the Piemessage android app. Once this is done you can go on to your iPhone’s menu and launch the messaging app there. Lastly and what we’re all here for, you’ll be able to install the iMessages app onto your android device.

Do you worry too much that some sensitive https://apk5.mobi information from your phone might leak out if ever you lose your phone or if somebody gains unauthorized access to it? Apps hider can be a solution for you if you are wondering about how to hide apps. Many Android phones will have an option to hide apps using their system launcher. There can be a number of reasons why you’d want to hide apps on your Android device. The most obvious situation is having your phone lost or stolen – you’d want to limit the access to any sensitive information for strangers who might find your smartphone if you lose it. The app in your android phone hold patches of information that you may want to keep from the eyes of others. Learning how to hide apps on your android phone will ensure the safety of that information.

Step 1: Install App Hider

Microsoft has a list of all supported Android devices, but it’s literally only Samsung handsets right now. You’ll also need to opt into Windows Insider testing.

  • We’d keep the best part of Windows phone—the user experience—plus whatever special Windows phone features we really care about, like the cameras in high-end Lumias.
  • Installed – will have the list of apps currently installed on your phone.
  • why are people spending so much on these things if their not going to be using cellphone service?
  • This can be done quite easily whether you are using a keyboard or a gaming controller for playing computer games.
  • We have compiled a list of best morse code apps for Android that you must check out if you wish to learn Morse code and use it with your friends.

Malware is more likely what an unlucky Android user will find their device afflicted with. Malware usually takes the form of a malicious app that is installed on a device and then quietly occupies itself with doing various devious things. Once downloaded, the malware would display “highly pornographic” ads, which also attempted to scare users into installing fake security apps to get them to buy worthless services. security firm Check Point discovered the malware, dubbed AdultSwine, in the apps. The app asked for admin privileges and then used the granted rights to register with Firebase Cloud Messaging. It then used the service to send and receive messages containing additional malware and instructions.

Steps To Hide And Unhide Media Files On Android Phone

You buy a new Android smartphone or tablet, and you see so much pre-installed apps in it. It is a good thing that most of them are useful, but we cannot say that all of them are used at all times. You don’t even need some of the apps in your entire life.

It has plenty of promise, and there’s plenty of app support already, but Apple has simply tried to do too much. The OS is confusing, cluttered, and sluggish, without really giving you a good reason to use it ahead of your iPhone. Meanwhile, those aforementioned Android widgets come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to transform the look and function of your phone’s home screen.

Turning The Nintendo Switch Into Androids Best Gaming Hardware

To Unarchive Chat, Scroll Down to the bottom of Screen and Tap on the Archived option. Then Tap on the archive option which will be present at the top right corner. By enabling this option, your friends, family members or anyone else will not be able to know about the conversation you had.