Free Course at Balle Fencing Club | 巴勒击剑免费体验活动

Written & Photos by (作者, 图片来源): Ningbo Focus 《宁波聚焦》

On July 30th, Ningbo Focus and Balle Fencing Club hosted a free introductory class to fencing. During the class, students were introduced to the origin and development of fencing, fencing manners, basic moves and actual combat. 10 expats and local fencing lovers came together to share in the art of fencing.

Fencing is an elite and gentlemanly sport. Because it requires both courage and intelligence, the sport can foster sharpness and agility. During the learning process, people can gain a more positive outlook and confidence.

What is the difference between saber, foil and epee? What’s the difference between the gear? What are the rules? During the event, Coach Fu of Balle Fencing Club explained these differences patiently to the attendees along with other tips and pointers.

Following a series of warm-up exercises, the coaches demonstrated the basic techniques, guiding people through practice. Afterwards, the students were paired off and got to practice their newly learned skills in actual combat, which brought out the knights in all the students immediately.

The motto of fencing is manners, fairness and peace. Before you master the art, you must learn the spirit. Not only will fencing allow you to grow stronger physically, but it will teach you to be more brave, decisive and enduring.

The two hours passed quickly. The sword in hand and the sweat drenched helmet have witnessed the happiness and the accomplishments of the evening.


7月30 日,宁波聚焦联合巴勒击剑俱乐部,推出了击剑免费体验活动,体验内容包括击剑起源与发展、击剑礼仪、基本步伐、实战对抗等。宁波聚焦组织的10名来自世界各地的外籍友人和本地击剑爱好者,参与了体验活动。