Ningbo Focus will introduce the first speed networking event for next week at our monthly Business Club event. You will have a chance to meet at least 20 or more business people, both foreign and Chinese, exchange business cards, and also ask for introductions to new customers – Webmaster.

First there was speed dating – an event where singles meet up and spend several minutes with as many different partners as possible in a round-robin style format. It really is a great idea because you get to meet a lot of people in a very short time, and you walk away with a good idea of who you’d like to get to know better later.

Ningbo Business Club Speed Networking

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I was an old married before the concept of speed dating first hit the singles scene. A few years ago a networking group in my area held a speed networking event designed to help professionals in the community form new connections with each other. Ever curious, I jumped at the chance to see what this was all about. Based on that experience, here are some tips to think about before you hit the scene:

  1. Bring business cards, and lots of them. Try and make yours stand out from the pile of others that each networker will bring home at the end of the evening. Consider signing each one using a bright colored pen right before you give it out. Whatever it is, find something professional you can add to help connect your personal interaction with the piece of paper that will remain after the memory of you fades.
  2. Rehearse your elevator speech. Nail it down and time it to 60 seconds or less. You will want to listen as much as you talk. You will be limited by a clock if the organizers of the event are doing their job. Monopolizing the conversation does not leave a good impression.
  3. Develop a fast system for rating who you’d like to talk with later. Immediately after you’ve ended your 1-2 minute encounter, jot a 1,2, or 3 stars on his/her card. This will help you later when you follow up. (see #4)
  4. Follow up. Before you leave the parking lot after the event, make notes about the people who stood out. Write directly on the business card each person gave you. Set a goal for reaching out to your top 5 potential contacts within one week. Email is a great way to do this in a non-pestering kind of way. Consider connecting with them on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

Source: Career Management Pros


首先是速度约会 – 一个事件,其中单打满足了,花几分钟的时间与许多不同的合作伙伴尽可能在一个循环式的格式。这真的是一个伟大的想法,因为你满足了很多人在很短的时间,你和你想获得更高更好地了解谁的好主意离开。


1 – 将名片,其中很多。试图让你从一堆别人的每台NetWorker将在晚会结束时带回家中脱颖而出。考虑签下每一个用鲜艳的颜色的笔,你给它的权利之前。不管是什么,找到一些专业的,你可以添加到帮助与一张纸,你消失,将继续在内存后连接您的个人互动。

2 – 排练你的电梯演讲。钉下来,并将其时间为60秒或更少。你会想听听你说话一样多。您将通过时钟如果事件的组织者正在做他们的工作受到限制。独占谈话不会留下好印象。

3 – 开发一个快速系统的评价想与后来谈谁。你已经结束了你的1-2分钟的遭遇后,立即记1,2或3星对他/她的卡。这将帮助你以后当你跟进。 (见#4)

4 – 跟进。在你的事件后,离开停车场,作出关于谁站出来的人的笔记。每个人给你的名片上直接书写。为深入到你的前5名潜在的接触后一周内设定一个目标。电子邮件是一个伟大的方式来做到这一点在非纠缠的一种方式。考虑与他们在LinkedIn和Twitter的连接也是如此。