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June 8th will see three big events coming to Ningbo: the 18th China Zhejiang Investment &?Trade Symposium, the 15th China International Consumer Goods Fair, and the 2nd China-CEEC?Investment & Trade Expo. Also happening during this time will be the 2nd China-CEEC Ministerial?Meeting on Promoting Trade & Investment Cooperation. Distinguished guests include?government officials from the CEECs like the Vice-Premier and Economic Minister of Romania,?Foreign and Economic Minister of Poland, the Economic Minister of Bulgaria and Nobel Prize in?Economics winner Edmund Phelps.
2016 浙洽会、消博会、中东欧博览会将于6月8日至12日在宁波举行,同期将举办第二次中国—中东欧国家经贸促进部长级会议。届时,罗马尼亚副总理兼经济部长、波兰外交与经济部长、保加利亚经济部长等中东欧国家政要以及诺贝尔经济学奖获得者埃德蒙·菲尔普斯等嘉宾将参会。

The 18th China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium


The China Zhejiang Investment & Trade?Symposium (ZJITS for short), is an annual?comprehensive foreign economic and trade?exchange meeting hosted by the People’s?Government of Zhejiang Province. It has?been held for 17 consecutive years since the?first session in 1999. The previous symposiums?and exhibitions have witnessed the?signing of 3701 foreign-invested projects,?negotiated over the facilitation of foreign?capital worth $52.142 billion, and have seen?a total trade turnover of $8.85 billion. Over?the years, the event has attracted 170,000
people from over 100 countries and regions?and previous seminars have introduced certain?overseas and domestic talents.

The 18th ZJITS will be held in Ningbo from?June 8th to 12th this year, and will continue?to focus on the One Belt, One Road (OBOR)?Policy and development in the Yangtze River?region. The hope for this year’s symposium?is to intensify industrial promotion, project?negotiations, bilateral investments and more?through activities like industrial tie-ins, project?promotions and signing agreements,?and international bilateral investment platforms.

Various activities will be hosted during this?year’s ZJITS, including the 2016 Industry &?Found Cooperation Summit, 2016 Conference?& Exhibition Summit Forum Promoting?Zhejiang Products, the 2016 Service Conference?on Foreign Invested Enterprises in Zhejiang,?Forum on Financial Service Facilitation?& International Capacity Cooperation, the?2016 Zhejiang International High-Tech Projects?Show, and more.

The theme of this year’s opening forum will?be about openness, innovation, and embracing?new opportunities. There will be a?keynote speech and dialog, signing of major?projects, release of authoritative reports, introduction
of investment climate and more.?Renowned experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs?from China and abroad, including?Nobel Prize-winning economist Edmund?Phelps and Professor Zhiwu Chen of the Yale?School of Management, will address the 13th?Five Year Plan and new opportunities for development?in the province. Furthermore, the?Industry & Found Cooperation Summit of?Zhejiang Province, 2016 Service Conference
on Foreign Invested Enterprises in Zhejiang?Province, Forum on Financial Services Facilitation?International Capacity Cooperation,?2016 Zhejiang International High-Tech Projects?Show, 2016 Tourism Cooperation Meeting?and Special Symposium on Investment?will be held following the opening forum.


中国浙江投资贸易洽谈会(简称浙洽会),是由浙江省人民政府主办,每年一次综合性对外经济贸易交流活动,自1999 年起已连续成功举办了十七届。历届大会共签约外商投资项目3701 个,协议利用外资521.42 亿美元,共
实现贸易成交额87.85 亿美元。大会累计吸引来自100 多个国家和地区海外17 万余人次参会,同时历届洽谈会还引进了一批国内外人才和科技成果。

2016 年6 月8 日至12 日,第十八届浙江投资贸易洽谈会将在中国宁波继续举行。本届浙洽会将深入贯彻落实党的十八届五中全会精神,紧紧围绕国家“一带一路”和长江经济带战略,以“深化合作、互利共赢”为主题,通过举办专场产业对接、项目推介和签约、国际双向投资、投资考察等一系列活动,加快浙江“走出去”和“引进来”步伐,进一步强化行业推介、项目洽谈、突出双向投资等功能,探索投资洽谈新形式,最大限度地提高客商资源共享水平和投资洽谈的实际成效,从而全面提升浙江参与国际合作水平。

第十八届浙洽会将举行开幕主题论坛系列活动、2016 浙江省产业与基金合作峰会、2016 会展高峰论坛- 助推品质浙货开拓国际市场、2016 浙江省外商投资企业服务大会、2016 金融服务国际产能合作对接会、2016浙江国际高技术项目路演、2016 海外高层次人才智力合作洽谈、2016 旅游合作交流会及全省11 个市投资洽谈专题活动等。


The 15th China International Consumer Goods Fair


The China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF), co-sponsored by the Chinese Ministry?of Commerce and the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, is one of the four largest?import and export fairs in China held in Ningbo each June.

With a total exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, the 15th CICGF will be divided into 3?sections: Household Articles and Ornaments – including sanitary articles, general household?products, clocks, glasses, and more; the Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies Section – featuring?stainless steel utensils, enamel utensils, kitchen appliances, integrated kitchens, cupboards,?bathroom articles and more; and the Imports and E-Commerce Section, which will feature?4000 booths.
由国家商务部和浙江省人民政府共同主办的中国国际日用消费品博览会(简称“消博会”)是中国进出口商品四大交易会之一,每年6 月在著名的港口城市宁波举办。

第十五届“消博会”(CICGF 2016)展览面积10 万平方米,设有家居用品及装饰品展区(清洁用品、一般家庭用品、钟表眼镜、玩具、礼品及赠品、节日用品、家居装饰品、园林用品、家具等)、厨卫用品展区(不锈钢器皿、搪瓷器皿、厨房电器、整体厨房和厨柜及厨房用品、浴室用品、个人护理用具、家电等)和进口及服务贸易展区,共4000 个标准展位。


Logo | 会徽

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The logo is depicts 5 human bodies which?contain 5 basic elements and 5 colors symbolizing?the 5 continents of the world. The?logo implies the spirit of internationalism?and abundance of commodities and wealth.?The logo also looks like a crown or blooming?lotus, showing the prestige and Asian?origins of the CICGF.



Mascot | 吉祥物

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“Little Rattle Drum”, the mascot of the CICGF,?is inspired by the traditional toy popular with?Chinese children. The mascot carries forward?the tradition that foreign trade is hardy and?consumer goods are what drive development?forward.


The 2nd China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo

中国--中东欧国家投资贸易博览会 (3)

The 2nd China-CEEC Investment?& Trade Expo (herein after?referred to as the CEEC Expo)?follows the OBOR Initiative,?Yangtze River Economic Belt?Strategy and the Suzhou Guidelines?for Cooperation Between?China and the Central & Eastern?European Countries (CEECs). By?staging 12 activities including?forums, exhibitions, investment?symposiums, and cultural exchanges,?the CEEC Expo is expected?to become an important
platform for China-CEEC?relations and contribute to the?greater and continued implementation?of the OBOR Policy.?The activities during the CEEC?Expo include the China-CEEC?Quality Supervision Meeting,?Inspection and Quarantine?Dialogue, the 3rd China (Ningbo)-CEEC Governors and Mayors Forum, the 2nd?China-CEEC Investment Cooperation Seminar, the 3rd China (Ningbo)-CEEC Cooperation?Seminar for Chambers of Commerce, the 2nd Matchmaking Meeting?for Cross-Border E-Commerce Companies & CEEC Exhibitors and the China-CEEC?Summit of Overseas Chinese Organizations’ Leaders.

Products exhibitions will take place in Exhibition Hall 1 of the Ningbo International?Convention & Exhibition Center. The Hall covers 5000 square meters and will?accommodate 240 booths, displaying specialty products from the CEECs. The?China-CEEC High-Tech Exhibition will be held at the same time in Hall 6, with an?area of 4400 square meters featuring high-tech products from both regions.
第二届中国—中东欧国家投资贸易博览会(简称中东欧博览会)顺应“一带一路”和长江经济带发展战略,以《中国- 中东欧国家合作苏州纲要》为指导,以“深化合作、互利共赢”为主题,将安排投资洽谈、贸易展览、会议论坛、人文交流四大板块,共12 场活动,进一步打造中国与中东欧国家全面合作和“一带一路”建设的重要平台,为我国经贸事业发展作出新的贡献。活动内容主要包括:中国—中东欧国家质检合作对话会,第三次中国( 宁波)—中东欧国家省( 州)、市长论坛,第二次中国—中东欧国家投资合作洽谈会,第三次中国( 宁波)—中东欧国家商协会合作会议,第二次跨境电商与中东欧国家参展企业对接洽谈会,中国—中东欧国家侨团侨领峰会等。

中东欧国家商品展区设在宁波国际会展中心1 号馆,展览面积5000 平方米,设展位240 个,主要展示中东欧16 个国家特色商品;在6 号馆首次设立中国—中东欧高新技术合作展区,展览面积4400 平方米,主要展示我国及中东欧国家的高新技术产品。

Logo | 会徽

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The double C-shaped emblem in blue and?red is inspired by the initials of “China” and?“Central & Eastern European Countries”,?represents the joint efforts of China and the?CEECs in holding a special forum for the advancement?of OBOR.



Mascots | 吉祥物

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The mascots, named “Hai Wa” and “Tuo?Wa”, represent the Maritime Silk Road and?the Land Silk Road. With their gleeful expressions,?Hai Wa and Tuo Wa further represent?the expo’s goal of expanding the New Silk