The growing epidemic of intimate harassment at Aussie music festivals

The music industry is scrambling to prove their events are safe places for women after a spate of reported sexual assaults at festivals over the summer. Come july 1st there have been five incidences of sexual attack reported to police at Tasmaniaв??s Falls Festival, with two males now dealing with indecent attack charges.

At Victoriaв??s Rainbow Serpent event there have been two reports of intimate assault: down through the year that is previous where that they had four. Plus it gets far worse, with data showing significantly more than 16 percent – therefore about one out of six females – have already been intimately assaulted by somebody apart from their partner, over the Australasia area. A current study of a huge selection of young gig-goers in Melbourne indicated that 96.6 percent thought that undesired attention that is sexual in licensed venues and 80.2 percent seen unwelcome intimate attention to be typical.

Tamara, 27, skilled this firsthand whenever she went to her first music event as a teenager.

в??Someone began attempting to grind up because I didnв??t want to make him angry,в?? she says behind me and I was trying to push him away without being confrontational. в??He started wanting to communicate with me personally and kiss me personally and hug me personally and I also had been just attempting to simply tell him to disappear completely. в??i did sonв??t truly know what you should do в?? he then quickly place his hand straight straight straight down my skirt and into my undies as well as in my vagina and began fingering me personally.

в??I seemed around and saw he had been much older I was so grossed out than meв?? like 40 years old and.

в??He wasв??me that is saying my cousin simply actually like young girlsв?? just as if that has been likely to make me feel a lot better.в?? Now an attorney, Tamara stated she ended up being в??so confusedв?? at that time because she had been therefore young kept asking by herself в??am I being silly? Is it fine?в?? в??The crazy thing is weв??re told to be grateful for male attention,в?? she states.

About it.в?? I recall feeling really puzzled, like actually being unsure of whether or not to feel great or badв?? all over Australia, feamales in the songs industry are sick and tired of harassment and attack plus some – such as for example all-female Melbourne indie musical organization Camp Cope -are having a stand. This past year they established their #ittakesone campaign calling for many gig-goers to phone away intimate harassment.

в??We just got, like, so completely fed up,в?? says band user Georgia Maq.

в??All these bad things happen at peoples programs plus they understand they donв??t say anything about it and. в??Weв??re extremely noisy about any of it so we have a look at individuals and in case we come across it occurring we call it out.в?? A number of famous bands – and today Laneway festival – have finalized to the campaign, because of the event starting a hotline to report any undesired behavior only at that yearв??s event.

в??The hotline 1800-Laneway is something it really came out of a conversation with Camp Cope,в?? says Laneway Festival general manager Katie Stewart that we started this year and.

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