A virtual data room can help you organize all the documents that are needed for due diligence as you begin your fundraising process. It allows you to respond quickly to investor queries and demonstrate your organization’s data management skills. It ensures that all documents are inspected and updated before they are distributed, thereby reducing the likelihood of miscommunications and incorrect information.

Many founders assume that their pitch deck is enough to impress investors, but it’s just the beginning of a lengthy process that involves due diligence and feedback from investors. Investors will be looking for more specific details about your business model, traction and financials than they would in the pitch deck. A virtual data room offers the chance to share that information in a safe environment and gives you an advantage over other startups that don’t have tools.

It’s a good idea include resumes of all your team members in your data room, along with any other documentation that proves your expertise in the field and business understanding. Certain investors want to see these documents prior to they invest, therefore putting them in your virtual data room before they invest can accelerate the process.

It is also worth putting together an investor update section within your data room online, in order to distribute it to all investors throughout the year. This will highlight your ability and progress, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of investors’ minds for the next round of funding.

data room for investors